video production

Back in 2007, while I was working as a traveling writer and photographer for Scuba Diving Magazine, I co-founded a video production company called, which leveraged my contacts in the scuba industry to travel the globe in search of adventure while filming the travel show called Into the Drink. When the magazine went away in 2008, we pursued it full-time.

Into the Drink was a travel show in the same vein of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, except the focus was on scuba diving and exploring local beverages that quenched the thirst of its locals. Into the Drink had a great run, with two seasons airing around the world, in countries including Poland, Brazil and South Korea, and on networks like National Geographic International, HDNet (now AXS TV), TuffTV and Outside TV.

Today, I create short videos for businesses and organizations. Videos create buzz and excitement on your website, and get great engagement on social media platforms. I can shoot your video, edit your video, and even provide voiceovers for video. Contact me today about creating a video for you.