Positively Castle Rock

Good Lord. Occasionally, I make the grave mistake of wading into the cold, dark waters that are the ocean of local Facebook community pages. And every time I do, I almost always immediately regret it. It’s akin to watching Nascar for the wrecks. Jerry Springer for the slap-fests. And Honey Boo Boo for the stimulating, intellectual conversation.

If one were to form their opinion of our town based upon these pages and posts, one might get the impression that this is one abhorrent place in which to live. Renegade shopping carts, hideous new buildings, prairie dog ethnic cleansing, vigilante justice against bad drivers, “no soliciting” violations, and the fact that we have no rights as citizens because our town’s charter uses the appointed mayor system… these are just a few of the recent conversations. Dig deeper and you’re sure to unearth more treasure. It’s so easy to snipe from a place of relative safety behind a computer screen.

Quite honestly, as I’m reading these threads, my first inclination is to ask, “are these people talking about the same town I live in?” Have these people actually lived in truly shitty cities? Perhaps I’ve drunk the koolaid, but I find this to be one helluva burg. I moved here from one of the top tourist cities in the country. And there’s no question, I’d never go back. And if you’re reading this, you more than likely live here too, by your choice and your own free will, because you know it rocks. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not always Professor Positive. I sometimes take exception to some folks’ driving habits here, particularly the propensity toward impatience.

But all in all, I find this to be a supremely sublime community, full of a whole shit ton of good. Look at the thousands of families who want to move here and share the dream. Look at the awards we’re constantly winning, for the quality of life, quality of services, and for livability. Look at the incredible spirit of its generous residents when they come together for their own, including the recent fundraiser Rally for Rylie and the unveiling of the 9/11 Monument at the CRFD headquarters. Look at the fun, frequent events that the town government and merchants association put on to entertain us and brighten our days and nights. Look at the beautiful facilities that we enjoy, including an amazing library and world-class recreation centers and parks. Look at the breathtaking natural beauty that lies all around us. I could go on, but I don’t need to. You know what’s up.

So basically what I’m saying is this. I make a conscious effort not to go there. Not to be the Negative Nellie. I choose not to go down their rabbit (prairie dog?) hole. I’m grateful for the opportunities that this dynamic little town provides. I refuse to believe the hype or the tripe. I know which version of the script I’m choosing to follow. I get involved because this is the kinda town you can sink your teeth into, be a part of, and truly make a difference. And if you really don’t like the direction we’re heading, do something. Get off your ass and put the wayward cart in the corral. Join the town’s Design Review Board (or other boards and committees for that matter) and have a say in the town’s future. Be the patient and kind driver you want others to be, and let the police handle the miscreants.

And for god’s sakes, quit your bitching, get off Facebook, and enjoy this amazing freaking town we live in.

nickPositively Castle Rock