Nick’s pic of Seattle divers gets heavy rotation

alkibeachLet’s call it turning lemons into lemonade. I came to the chilly Pacific Northwest to work on episodes of the scuba diving travel television show, “Into the Drink,” with no intentions of immersing myself in the cool, green Puget Sound waters. Not that I’m against it, mind you, but yes, over the years I’ve gotten spoiled and have become a warm water wimp (WWW). So when my colleagues informed me that they were going diving one brisk Saturday evening, I offered to capture their shenanigans on film. Little did I know that one of the images I captured that evening would wind up going viral here in the Seattle area. It first appeared on the West Seattle Blog, and then the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website (the online version of the now defunct newspaper). It turned out to be an evening well spent!

nickNick’s pic of Seattle divers gets heavy rotation