This isn’t more hoorah motivational bullshit.

Indulge me for a moment. Allow me to rant, if you will. I wanted to take this opportunity to point out that we’re constantly being bombarded with a barrage of inspirational kick-ass sayings that, quite frankly, miss their mark. The punches don’t land on their targets. They’re misleading. And they don’t do us any favors. You deserve better.

I beg you to not be so caught up in the motivational hoorah bullshit and ass-kicking inspirational mantras that you forget that we’re all just vulnerable bags of soft tissue and brittle bones and tenuous, leaky organs roaming the surface of a very hard, jagged planet, and that everything CAN CHANGE and, more importantly—WILL END—in the blink of an eye. In fact, let THAT be your motivational hoorah bullshit ass-kicking inspirational mantra—to remind yourself daily that you’re not just some hardened steel implement, or weapon of mass destruction, but a very soft and delicate blob of tender meat. And that our time here is fucking fleeting.

Life isn’t a goddamned inspirational poster. Every day isn’t going to be gobs of glittery unicorn shit and fiery explosions and car chases and throat punches. Life can be sick and twisted and unfair and boring and okay and beautiful and gorgeous and breathtaking. Simultaneously. All at once.

Look up to the heavens in awe like that silly little awkward kid that you were before you became ashamed of being so. Say thank you to nice people who do nice things because you really mean it and weren’t just programmed to, because you wouldn’t want them to live another moment without knowing how thankful you are. Stick your hand out the car window as you drive your kids to INSERT SPORT (which they probably won’t use later in life) HERE practice in your yoga pants, and feel the rushing breeze lift your arm with the magic of flight. Feel the warm glow of a dappled orange sunset kiss your wrinkled, middle-aged forehead. Tell all the people you love that you do. Because all that beauty could vanish into the ether without a second opportunity. And by God, don’t settle for a love that’s less than ordinary.

This is life, kids. Eat it, drink it, swish it around in your mouth like antiseptic mouthwash. Stomp around in it like you’re crushing wine grapes, and frolic in it as if it were a cool freshwater spring. And while you’re kicking ass all over the place—at work, on the golf course, at school, in the gym, at the parent-teacher conference—remember that sometimes, the real fun bits of life exist in those seemingly mundane, peaceful moments when you’re not kicking any ass at all. When you’re just being. And seeing. And feeling. Fight for those things worth fighting for, but let all the other bullshit go.

Thank you for your time, I really mean it. Y’all kick ass.

nickThis isn’t more hoorah motivational bullshit.