Go get the good stuff

Identify the “stuff” that you want in your life. Not material “stuff,” but REAL STUFF — the people, relationships, journeys, destinations, experiences, feelings, enlightenment, enrichment, creativity and spirituality that you want and need … you know, the GOOD STUFF — and pursue them with vigor. “Wants” and “needs” are often interchangeable — needs are wants with passion. Honestly, if it’s keeping me from obtaining my “stuff,” I’d rather not bother. Remember, there will be folks who will attempt to derail you on your path toward the good stuff. If they can’t find theirs, nobody will. Identify these people and ignore. Focus. Knowing what’s real and what isn’t is a slow learning process developed over time. The problem is, time is such a precious commodity. Our time on this big blue marble is fleeting. Go get the good stuff.

nickGo get the good stuff