Developing Minds

My day was made before 10am this morning. While out shooting some street photography, I ran into a group of 5th graders from Renaissance Secondary School who were walking around downtown snapping shots with their little Holga film (yes, you heard me correctly—film) cameras. It was a delight to see the sparkle in their eyes as they scanned the world around them for photo subjects. They were also calculating how many exposures they had remaining on their roll—a quirky phenomenon that has become so alien to us in the digital era. It instantly teleported me to my film days, when I was an underwater photographer and it was impossible, of course, to change film beneath the surface. Those precious exposures were critical! You pressed the shutter release sparingly, and you subliminally saved an exposure or two in case something really interesting came along (a whale, a shark, or a whale shark, for example). Seeing these kids in action was a fantastic reminder that it’s the artist—not the camera—that makes the shot. My rig today might be literally 100 times more expensive than their plastic Holgas, but the passion and creativity that was ignited on their photo shoot this morning is priceless, and worth more than any Canon DSLR. Less, as they say, is indeed more.

nickDeveloping Minds